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ValkyriaGaming is a new Minecraft Server, with some special features. We provide a almost clean world, where our players can join, build, create, design, etc. Whatever they want! (Ok, if it is not offending other players! )
Our server has Griefprevention enabled, what ensures you that your creation can not be destroyed or stolen by other players!
Valkyria Castle
When you are connected to our server, the first thing you will encounter is our Castle. This castle has many lovely buildings that are ensuring you from great help. These buildings (will or) are containing nice villagers where you can trade your goods, for example, seeds for wheat, etc. So you do not have to farm all your crops!
We are currently working hard on our castle entrance, but the PvP area is almost complete. The Castle 'gardens' side is also complete.
This castle ensures that you can not be damaged by other players or mobs. It is a friendly zone where no-one attacks each other!
Valkyria Realms
When you decide to leave the castle, and to wonder into the Wasteland of Valkyria, the possibilities are endless! You can create your own villages, your own buildings, etc. But watch out! PvP is enabled outside the castle, we have a special PvP arena, but this does not conclude that PvP is disabled! Also, Mobs are not as friendly outside the castle as they are inside of it.
Main message
We want to keep the original minecraft style intact, we do not really care if you are building a wooden box as home, but we are teasing you to build it in medieval style. That why our spawn is a castle!
We also have a number of bukkit plugins available on the server, but they are not active plugins. This means that we are not using these plugins on a daily base, but they are supporting some special features on the server.
Knights and Princesses!
Get on your horses! Go to (ip) on the 25565 (port) road! And we will see you there.