VANILLA Survival/PVP/Builder Server LF more 18+ yr old players for mature community!
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Gameplay Settings:
Difficulty -> Normal
Gamemode -> Survival
Worlds -> 1 
Griefing -> Instant Ban!
Raiding Players Homes -> Go for it!
GameType -> VANILLA (MUCH Closer to Vanilla than other servers claim to be!)
Game Version-> 1.7.9 Spigot Bukkit Server

Item/Rank Store on both in game and website! Using /buy in game!
No long list of player rankings and titles. Member, VIP, Mod, Admin,Owner. THE END
VOTIFIER ENABLED! Vote for us for in game $$$ everyday! On SEVERAL Sites!
In game User Chest Shops!
In Game Currency!
TeamSpeak 3 Server!

About us:
We are a mature admin team! The ages of ourselves go from 24 and up. Including server owner. There is no concern with having to deal with immaturity or favoritism by the admins! We dedicate ourselves to letting the game play itself out. Also joining and asking for staff permissions or app is waste of time.

Any player logging in can BUILD! And there is no whitelist! 

We are a small community of players looking to expand and grow! Our server cap is 100! Come help us max this baby out! Average of 9-10 players on at a given time! Looking for matured players. We will even protect a plot of land for you if you want to build in peace.Top 1000 Servers in the world on several sites. Server is considered rated R so, no one UNDER the age of 18 is permitted!

Hope to see you out there!