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(Quicker read than it appears)
VanillaAdventureCraft is a start-up server meant for a smaller group of regulars. We offer a server with no game altering plugins (besides spawn protection) for people who want a no bs, pure vanilla server. We have 3 mods who are mostly active from 5pm - 11pm PST (check what time that means in your time zone) and most active on weekends. If you want, take yourself and a group of friends far from spawn and play the game for what it is without having to hassle with Hamatchi or Evolve, the mods would probably not even mind teleporting you to a friend or just giving you a head start. Dont have friends who want to play vanilla? Perfect! The mods have built from the ground up a few "Clans" to join, with unlimited potential for a fun time. Clans like The Legion, with there massive castle and complex military, the rival Kiwi Empire with their "God Emporer" (just joining will probably get you multiple copies of "The Borble" promoting the God Emporer) And for people who dont prefer a military, The Federation colonies offers a town and city type deal.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you on!