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Arcadius Server
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Arcadius Minecraft Server
The Server You'll Stick With.
  Arcadius is a small server owned by a close knit group of friends that focuses on a strong community and interactive game play as a vanilla server. The creators of Arcadius have been friends for a long time, and work together to bring you the experience you see in our server.
  Our server has several benefits, including: claimable locations, hearthstone, dungeons, gem codes, Teamspeak, [url="https://www.facebook.com/arcadius.mc.server"]Facebook[/url], integrated instant messaging system, and easy travel with teleport pads. Yes, all of this is done with a 100% pure vanilla server.
  To apply for Arcadius, visit our [url="http://arcadius.sytes.net/"]website[/url] and sign up using our form. Please take the sign up seriously. We focus on a strong community and refuse applications often. Our [url="http://arcadius.sytes.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=46"]rules[/url] are listed on the forums, please read up on the rules and other aspects of the server before applying.
 - Creator / Feature Developer / Minecraft Server Owner -
  Salvexx works with the Minecraft Server, backups, in-game benefits, chat system, and PvE content. He is employed as a network engineer for a Cisco partner. He's basically a geek that enjoys hosting a successful Minecraft server.
 - Creator / Feature Developer / Website Owner -
  DarkWhoppy is the guy who makes our website work. It's because of him we have the hearthstone, gem code, forums, and many other features. DarkWhoppy is also a network engineer by profession. He has a long history in programming, and he does a great job in putting that to use for our Minecraft server.
 - Creator / Designer / Teamspeak Owner -
Shadowfigure is a very creative builder. He's  the guy who designed the starting (spawn) island for Arcadius. He is also the owner of our teamspeak server. Shadowfigure has assisted in many in-game features, and will continue to do so as the server grows. [url="http://youtu.be/L943pmoAmHQ"]Shadowfigure's overview of the Free-Build Zone.[/url]
 - Admin / Designer / Feature Manager -
  SubZeroEcho was brought in as an admin after playing on our server for awhile. He's an exceptional guy; always friendly and very interactive in game. He works as a graphics designer, which definitely shows in his in-game work. SubZero now assists with keeping our in-game features managed and up to date. He also helps with moderation. We're glad to have him as a part of our team.
Claimable Locations
Arcadius has locations that players can claim as their own. We have preset teleport pads to these locations, so they are easy to get to. Once you arrive at your location, a pad that returns you to the main island is nearby. This is how our "fast travel" works. Any locations that are labeled - AVAILABLE - players may ask an admin to claim, but a player can only own one location (with the exception of veteran players).
  As a veteran player, you have several benefits on the server. One of those benefits includes an extra claimed location. But not just any location, your teleport pad is also a bit more fancy than the rest!
Economy / Merchants
  To better assist our players, we have created a very simple economy. We have what is called the "Arcadius Coin", which is equal to a set amount of diamond, gold, iron, etc. These items are interchangeable with the coins, so the coins are a common currency. Also we have Julius, the Arcadius merchant. Julius will accept farm goods (and baked goods) in exchange for emeralds. These emeralds can then be used to buy coins, and the coins can be used to buy tools. The Arcadius tools are very powerful and helpful.
Dungeons / Questing / PvE
Arcadius develops several in-game [url="http://arcadius.sytes.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=11"]dungeons[/url] to give players a PvE challenge. These dungeons award titles upon completion, and give special gear to help you survive. They also drop other helpful loot. We have big plans to introduce several questing villages after the release of 1.8. You can gain reputation with villages by completing quests. Higher reputation with villages will unlock secret rooms and merchants for that village.
ABBA Caving and Other Events!
With the addition of our awesome ABBA Caving events, I'll add this section into the post for showing off some of our community events :)
In our ABBA Caving event, we approve the players before starting by examining their gear in a chest. Once all participants are approved, we start the event and everyone has 20 minutes to score the most points by mining ore. What players mine is tracked by the game, and the number crunching for score is done automatically. Pretty sweet eh? Lots of fun too! Check out our first episode of it below. Apologies for the visible RCON messages, I'll record a later video with me de-opped.
Clean Chat
Something that many players may appreciate, is that we keep our chat very clean. We do not have server messages spamming our chat left and right. The majority of what you'll find in our chat is an actual player's message. We have a few server notifications, but they not common and are very useful to the players.
Most of our chat:
Occasional notifications:
Player Portal (Hearthstone / Gem Codes / Chat / Support)
As seen below, our player portal offers many benefits to the server. The hearthstone will take you to our inn, which has a cooldown of one hour. The inn gives free XP over time, health/hunger restoration, and even a temporary health boost! The gem code is a code word that we hide in a room somewhere on the server about once a week. When the player finds this code, he/she may claim it in the player portal, and receive in-game rewards. The support form sends an email to all admins, and we attend to it asap. The portal also has built in chat, which syncs with our in-game chat, so you can easily see what's going on.
Instant Messaging System / Teamspeak
  We cannot stress enough how we focus on having a strong community. This means that we intend for our players to make friends, and interact with one another. Our admins have met several friends since launching the server, and we intend to make many more. We also have several members that have become good friends with other members.
  To assist in this goal, we have our own instant messaging / chat system that syncs with our in-game server chat. This means that from most devices, including smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and more.... you can connect to our chat and see how everyone is doing. You can also use this to communicate privately with friends you make on the server. When you are white-listed on Arcadius, you already have an account to the chat server, so there is no need to sign up. You simply download a jabber client, or login to your player portal, and start chatting!
  We also have our own Teamspeak server so players can speak to one another anytime they wish
  As you can see, our chat room syncs with the in-game server chat. You can go on vacation, and chat with us from your phone
100% Pure Vanilla Server
At this point, you may be thinking that there is no way this is actually a vanilla server. To this, I can only say one thing:
                                                                                  It is.
By vanilla, we mean that the server has no plugins or modifications installed on top of the official .jar server file by Mojang. The actual server runs from the .jar file directly from [url="https://minecraft.net/download"]https://minecraft.net/download.[/url] Any benefits of the server are done by command blocks / redstone in-game, or by commands sent to the server. The server has no capabilities beyond what comes with the vanilla .jar file. The server is hosted by a Linux operation system. No matter what we have going on in the operating system, the end result is simply a vanilla server command sent to the server. Here is a diagram that sort of simplifies this:
  This means that ALL of our benefits will NEVER go away. There are no plugins that will become outdated. You cannot download any plugins that give you our server's benefits, because we develop them ourselves, and run them with a vanilla server.
  In closing, we look forward to adding new members to our server. Thanks for taking the time to view our listing, I realize it's a bit verbose. For those of you that get approved, thank you and we look forward to seeing you in game.
Have fun,
Arcadius Admin
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