[Ventix Prison Server] -[IP: mc.ventixprisons.net] Hooptiecoupe's Server Spotlight
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Hey guys,
im not the owner of this server, but we did a review on them this past monday and thought ya'll might appericate checking them out.

Server Spotlight: Ventix Prison Server

IP: mc.ventixprisons.net

Ventix Review


The Prison style of server is a relativly new setup in the mc universe.
the whole concept is basiclly, dig..dig.. dig, or grind away at mobs..
rank up, repeat until you get to the top.

Whats fun about this style is that you dont have to worry about building, makeing bases, fighting, you jsut get on.. and break stuff for a few hours.

Along the way, you'll come accross contraband which if you caught with..
you'll be punished.

This server by Ventix is considered an OP server since your given a non-breaking Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe and lumber axe.
Whats really fun about the server is that each rank as its own unique layout
the spawn area is really fun and epic to check out, theres a nice parkour sequence with a small reward if your willing to try it.

During the times i visted the server, it was very quite in chat, though there were about 30 people on each time. They tent to be too busy mineing to talk.
I would recommend to use teamspeak or skype with freinds on these types of servers.

This was a nice, fun server to get on and.. BREAK STUFF!