Vyrion - Creative | Skywars | Build Wars | Weekly Build Contests | MC.Vyrion.net!
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Server IP: MC.Vyrion.net
Website: http://vyrion.net/
Shop: http://vyrion.buycraft.net/

Our goal in creating Vyrion, was aimed at building a Minecraft server ahead of its time. A creative server that can be diverse and unique and different than a typical creative server. A server holding many plugins with little to no lag at all. Welcome to Vyrion, where your creativity is limitless.

Our server boasts more diversity than any other creative server. Want to see why? Here's 21 reasons to join Vyrion!

1: Free World Edit on join!
2: 256x256 Plots
3: Unlimited Plots
4: Build Wars
4: Easy to use chat plugins and interface
5: Get player profiles
6: Bored? Custom built snowball pvp arenas!
7: Strong filter and spam prevention to keep the community family-friendly
10: Affordable ranks!
Rank features:
11: Colored Nicknames/Chat/Signs
12: Configurable pets!
13: Disguise yourself as mobs!
14: Player trails/wings
15: Easy to use fireworks builder
16: Flying Minecarts (Just for fun)
17: Make your builds as large as you want with plot merging!
18: Easy-to-make timelapses! Doesn't even require a partner!
19: Lift signs (elevators!)
20: In-game music and server radio!

And lastly, a terrific developing community, and responsible moderators, working day and night to make your experience as entertaining as possible. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you on the server!