World Of Kings - The best SkyBlock server around!
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World Of Kings - The best SkyBlock server around!






  • A little information about us:

We at World Of Kings are trying to raise the standards of minecraft servers. 
Please join World Of Kings and become part of the revolution! 

The server is hosted on a 3GB SSD and is 99% lag free. 
We, the staff are prioritizing you, the player. We try our hardest to make your time the most enjoyable as we can. 
The server is still new and is always open for improvements



  • Server Rules:

Do not beg for: items, Rank, Staff, Gamemode or Money. 


  • Hacking clients are strictly forbidden!
  • Do not Grief anyone's island or Building.
  • Be respectful towards other players and staff.
  • Do not exploit glitches and/or bugs
  • Scamming is allowed in game.
  • No PvP in any other place than the PvP arena
  • Use decent language.
  • Speak english in main chat.
  • Do not advertise other server or websites.

These are the main rules, if we ask you to stop doing something, please do so. 


  • Further information:

Our website: 

We have a voting system, to vote type /vote in-game. 

For every vote you cast, you get: $100, 8 Cobblestone and 2 diamonds. 
there is a 1/10 chance you get an extra $500 
and a 1/50 chance for an extra $1000 

Every ten votes you get 5 diamonds 

Best regards, 
The World Of Kings Staff