World Of Minecraft Client Error - Explanation
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At 00:00 G.M.T (Greenwich Mean Time) on the 13th of January 2012 Mojang released Minecraft 1.1 along with several server updates which caused many server addresses to change making the WoM Client unable to connect to the correct ports on the servers. Therefore the WoM Client can not validate your account connection on a available port.

There were also updates to the cache downloading system. The cache downloading system was changed on the Minecraft client (minecraft.jar) and has yet to be changed in the WoM Client (wom.jar specifically). Therefore some of the staff just need to learn the new packaging method and replace it in the WoM Client which should only take a few hours. I expect it should be done by 00:00 G.M.T on the 16th of January 2012.
I hope you all understand there is no current way to fix this unless you de-obfuscate and de-compile the client and do it yourself, which im sure is against the Terms and Conditions of the World of Minecraft Client. There you are it is now explaned
Thanks Danwasadog
-Note This Has Now Been Patched

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