World PvP game is ready to play!
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Everyone is welcome to explore my new PvP world with beautiful terrain and lots of loot and have hours of fun doing it! This world is unlike other PvP worlds and it's much deeper and more interesting to gear up, level up, and face other players in this open-world style PvP environment.


• Dynamic loot chests allow players to loot locations that other players have already looted. It's like re-spawning loot!

• Hidden Temples offer extra rewarding loot.

• Crafting is back in PvP! Loot locations offer items to be crafted into gear rather than simply giving you armor and weapons.

• Custom spawn location allowing players to choose their own start location in the PvP zone.

• Shrines located around the world to offer experience points to use toward enchanting.

• Enchant your gear and become stronger than those who pose a threat.

People are really enjoying this game. Come join us!