The Worst Part of Minecraft is...
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Hey everybody!
Just wanted to get out here and let someone know I wasn't avoiding them right in the middle of a conversation. I honestly forgot the name of who I was talking to, thanks to my old age and reality distractions, but I do remember they were a BIG help to me in replacing a few items I couldn't get back to quick enough after I died.
A truck hit a power pole attached to our apartment building and we lost power. Its embarrassing, even though I wasn't at fault!
First I want to say thank you to you, whomever you are, and I hope one day I'll be able to return the favor!
Second, this was in fact the WORST thing to happen to me in Minecraft! I've had griefers on other servers, been PvPed to death w/o warning and even accidently walked into the nether only to find myself, well, dead. NOTHING is worse than suddenly not being online at a moment you really are enjoying yourself.

So this thread is to share my apologies for vanishing as well as offer a chance for you, yes you, to offer your worst moment in Minecraft.