[Xbox 360] Chimaera Server Hosted by froggy0321 now accepting!
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My "Linjuu File" that you can download and play! please note it is not a seed but my file that became a custom map that you can download and use on the Minecraft Xbox: 360 Edition video game


Chimaera Server hosted by froggy0321 [Xbox 360] now accepting!

Hosted by froggy0321[His GT]

Co-Captain judedudemudez [Mine GT]

Attention all players as you can see by the title we are accepting players if you interested fill out the application below

little bit about the server:
-currency is Obsidian/diamonds, you will get starter currency when you join the rpg
- you will also pick a job when you join
-there is a casino, which currently only has 0 working game and up to 3 in progress [in the middle of making new stuff so join we can build more on our server]
-working bank (im the banker or froggy0321) with personal chests
-general storage area to share, which has bulk of general supplies, will be deleted when server is full so that players must buy from each other [which switch over later]

1.Must have mic. [I don't care how old you are as long as your mature. Mainly looking to play survival and custom maps and NO CREATIVE!] We had "problems" with people without mics so we will ask you off the plate if you have one and if the results are negative or a failure to comply will result in your termination of your app and you will have to re-apply when you have a mic.
2.Arena is accessible to all players. Although the official tournaments haven't started, it's a good mechanism for challenging players for either fun or competition. There are no turn backs once inside the arena (unless forfeit).
3.No griefing. This is self-explanatory, have very little patience for griefers. One bad move, consider yourself automatically warned. Anything more is a ban.
4.Inner village is and will not be obstructed. This mean not a single block is to be broken within the inner village (as it will count towards a griefing arrest).
5.There is a currency system (Obsidian/Diamond), but barter is allowed. The only thing I can say here is keep your money well hidden or on here, as we are not responsible for loss.
6.Play fair! ​Keep true to your job, and follow all the rules to ensure fair game for not just yourself, but everyone in the server as well.
7.Have fun! The world is supposed to be fun and exciting, so it's a vast world to explore and build

[spoiler=Fill out this app:]Age
Time Zone
Potion maker
you can have multiple job but at most 3 and at least 2![/spoiler]
Why I (or we more like it) should pick you?
How often you play?       
Why did you choose Chimaera Server?:

Please message froggy0321 on Xbox Live or judedudemudez on Xbox Live about joining!

Or post here and we will get back to you very shortly!

SQL Attacks on here may give a longer gap in time before I respond to your post!