ZodiaCraft Survival and Additional Worlds
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From the smoking gates of the underworld to the bright enchanting sun high in the sky our world has florished with creations that are awe inspiring! We hope you can come along and make it even more better! MineCraft versions 1.7.2-1.7.5 so there is no need to upgrade or downgrade your MineCraft game just to play on our server! This server is Vanilla but does have anti griefing mods installed to protect the things that you build from other people tearing them down. 

We are still looking for some more players to be whitelisted on our server! We're looking to whitelist about 5 more who play during the afternoons / evenings, and about 10 more who play during the late nights / mornings.

Also, we have now bumped the claim area that people get. Now, when you place your first chest, you get an area up to 40,000 blocks around that chest as well as 20,000 extra blocks that you can use to claim other bits of land using a golden shovel to mark the spots. As a bonus, ON TOP of all this, every hour you spend on the server, you get 250 more blocks to claim. We have bumped the claims like this because people are starting to create some expansive builds on our server.

So if you'd like to be whitelisted, post your whitelist app!

Whitelist Application:

1.) Your IGN:
2.) Your age:
3.) How long have you played MineCraft?:
4.) What Country are you in?:
5.) What time of day do you usually play?:
6.) Have you ever been banned from a server? If so, why?:
7.) Why would you like to be whitelisted on our server? (two or more sentences please):
8.) Do you agree to the rules of the server?:
Server Rules:
1.) No Griefing
2.) No Stealing
3.) No X-Ray
4.) No Cheating
5.) No Begging
6.) No Spamming
7.) Be Polite
8.) Be Mature
9.) Be Nice
10.) Use Common Sense