Moujave needs a new skin!

I'm after a new skin. Something unique, classy and has attitude.


After having my Transformer Bumblebee skin for 18 months I decided to search for a new skin. After searching for a while I couldn't find the skin that got my attention. This gave me the idea to run a community contest.

After talking to the other staff members we were hoping that this would be a fun concept for our community members. The design and characteristic of the skin come down to your imagination. However the skin needs to be vibrant and have some epic stature about it. I also want the skin to stand out in a signature or banner.

If this turns out to be a successful contest we will run similar in the future. For skins, texture packs and videos.

To see additional information, please click the More link for rules and entry details.


  • 10 Million (10,000,000) reputation points
  • 6 month access to 256x256x256 map on WoM Realms
  • 100 credits and 2500 titan power on WoM SMP**
  • Custom forum title (Skinned the beast!)

Prizes Terms and Condition

  • **If the user does not have Minecraft SMP the WoM SMP prize will be subsidised with a a bonus of One Hundred Thousand (100,000) reputation points on WoM Realms.

Contest details

  1. Contest will begin around 00:00 UTC on the 14th December 2011.
  2. Contest and entries will close 00:00 UTC on the 30th December 2011.


  • If you are caught using a skin that someone else has used to enter the contest you will be banned from the site and your content removed.
  • Duplicating a skin and changing a few details or colour will also result in a ban and your content being removed.
  • Under 'Subject' you must create a name for the skin - It needs to be creative!
  • In the 'Body' section of your skin post, please tell me in 20 words or less what inspired the skin creation starting with "Moujave I was inspired by this skin because "Insert your 20 words or less".
  • To enter the competition, you must submit your skin to the Skin Gallery. See below link.

Uploading Minecraft Skins

If you do not meet these parameter your skin will not be accepted into the contest.

Hints: Requested by Mellcor

  • Favourite colours: Blue, Black, Purple and Red
  • I have a love for sci-fi and futuristics mania
  • Stop beating around the bush, get to the point already
  • I hate pin stripes
  • Pink and Grey make me sad
  • Quirky elements are funny

Judges: moujave and H4X

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Link to My Jak Skin: HERE!

Username: Min3CraftDud3
Entry name: Jak Skin - Contest
Entry detail:
I made this skin for a time-lapse for my youtube
channel but rendering the vid corrupted the file
so i guessed id upload here.

Do you confirm that you have read the rules of the
contest: YES

Have you completed your entry and it is ready to be
judged? YES

Do you confirm that this entry is all your own work
and not copied or plagiarized from any other person's
work: YES

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Hmmm! ive got special something for you! moujave
so sir. moujave you want new skin? hmmm i suggest my skin! its color red as you say your favorite color is red! here:

#1 Name: Random Skin > For moujave <

#2 Name: Skeleton Skin > For moujave <
 im working on this skelton skin! enjoy
#3 Name: Hmmm Honeydew? > For moujave <

If you want to use it its free! :D if you want more come! to my facebook fanpage! :D

Here's the link of that skin! :)

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Contest Closed.

Also the failures in this thread. LEARN TO READ.