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So, you've got a problem with World of Minecraft Game Client, and you want someone to fix it?

Well, if you're technically minded, you can do the following steps
precisely to get a debug log of the session and post it in the support forum for assistance.

STAGE 1: Cleansing the palate.
Reboot your computer (first step is always to reboot, ALWAYS)
Create a new folder called C:\womtest\
Download a fresh copy of
Extract this new copy of into this folder.
Run it from C:\womtest\. Verify that you are still getting the problem you are trying to resolve.

STAGE 2: Debugging environment setup and validation.
Ok, we have a clean environment that replicates the issue, good.
Open a command window (Windows-R, then type "cmd.exe")
Change folder to c:\womtest (type "cd \womtest")
Verify java version is correct (type "java -version") it should be
1.6.something. Verify that it's a 32bit version (even if you're running a 64 bit OS, for some reason minecraft doesn't like the 64 bit version), if it doesn't run, or has a low version, then it's not
installed correctly, and until you get it installed and pathed
correctly, there's not much point testing.

STAGE 3: Running it exactly like the exe does, but with debugging.
Ok, so run the World of Minecraft client at the command line (type "java -D32 -jar World of Minecraft.exe")
Make sure you replicate the issue that you had with just running the .exe.
Is there anything obvious in the output on the command window that says what happened?

If you can see any obvious errors that could be causing a problem, post a new thread in the support forum.

Be SUPER careful to not include any private information such as mppasses in your posts.