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I have been playing Minecraft for 3 months from this post. I traveled along different servers until I started to play on Blocktopia's Lava Server. No, I don't have Alpha and I really don't mind. As in the head of this thread, I'm a builder on Blocktopia's Build, but I am quite active on Blocktopia forums. I follow along rules and mind the rule breakers because of my current position: Some wierd guy along the 141800on WOM. I heard of this clan because of the clients they had here. Yay. I thought to make a few forums in the Off Topic or Forum Games. I will check my account here for questions in case of noone out of your 141800 clan members knows a single thing of Blocktopia (Hopefully not). And I am out to Blocktopia. I'll check out the servers sometime soon in 2011. I'll sometimes be in the forums.

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The previous post may be a bit misleading.

Just a heads-up that Gettinthere is NOT considered representative of the Blocktopia community, and any questions or comments regarding it should be directed towards the higher-ups over there and not to him.