Issues and Glitches!
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Yesterday we suffered a big technical issue which caused some data to be corrupt. 

While not all users were affected and most of these issues are being cleaned up as they're being raised, we don't know about every single issue in the server and can't track it all!

So please, post here if you have a problem or have found a network issue!

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My issue

I have lost like 6k in my balance and have also lost both of my homes.

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my issues

lost all my money and ive got  -7k claim blocks

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I've restored data from backup for both of you. please let me know if there are further issues.

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I have this glitch where Yenwood isn't the best staff ever, Please fix this

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In Skyloft there appears to

In Skyloft there appears to be a corrupted chunk like Erikios' in the mushroom biome (Every time it loads it changes).

its here:   -9974  127  10009

The other issues in the area however appear to be fixed now. Thanks spud!!

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Oh damn, Errors!

Oh damn, Errors!

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Boats I place dont break :(

I changed my name to skedaddle

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Having troubles as of 1:42 AM EST 1/8/2014

the server is lagging me out giving me message... "Internal Exception; io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException" this is about the 10th time or more i've tried to log in
to give a better explanation of whats going on... I can log in and go to lobby but it loads really slow slower then normally. sometimes it doesnt load at all other times it looks like corrupted chunks. Occasionally i'm falling toward what would normally be the void -250ish and it stops and im standing at the bottom of the void. pretty spooky. but also when i logged in again and was falling i seen falling animals like cows sheeps and chickens falling with me. and now when i log in it looks like corrupted chunks again like if i walk slowly and yes im not falling anymore... the lobby before you join CMP or SMP its loading in 1/4s or so and well to summarize about 3/4's load and the last 4th is blued out and then loads when i joined the smp portal it began all over again with the falling i been typing commands like /stuck /help or even entering text saying "uh staff? plz help lol"  sorry for my rambling and bad grammer but please consider idk wth is going on. I'll give my computer a restart instead of the game and switch it back over to 1.7.2 instead of 1.7.4 see if that corrects it until then note everything above ;)

Update as of 2:05AM I'm back online idk what that was all about but i restarted my pc, i reduced my chunks loaded down to 8 , and switched it back to 1.7.2 and now theres no issues. YAY ;p and everyone else on the server said it didnt lag at all perhaps it was just me. keep you posted.

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I need my claim blocks

I need my claim blocks restored... I only have 11 and i only claimed a small area. i had alot of claim blocks available

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/Mail spudsrus and let him know


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Stuff gone

Everything in my inventory was lost... had diamond armor and a diamond sword with sharpness V Fire Aspect II and Looting III on it. nothing else besides food really.

Oh, is something supposed to be here?