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(Pretty sure this is the correct forum, if not please notify me and i will remove this post)
I'm looking to find people that need a host for their SMP server. I currently have 2 machines with a quad core cpu, 1.5gb of ram each, and a pretty fast dedicated connection(pictured below). I am only charging $5 a month for hosting, first come first serve. I will probably fit 2-3 servers per machine so whoever orders the first slot will get the default mine craft port assigned to them. Each individual SMP server should support upto at least 15 players. Also as a bonus i will give you a free sub domain (whateveryouwant.bitcore.in) so you can give your players a more simple way to connect.

To those skeptics out there, i am going to offer a 7 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your server for any reason i will refund your money as long as you ask me before the 7th day is up.

Please reply/PM me if you are interested. If you would like to talk on the phone i can set up something, feel free to ask.

-Ardnat  [Notch]

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details about payment and

details about payment and stuff please. Interested.

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You did the speedtest within

You did the speedtest within 50 miles. What about people who live futher then 200 miles then you? BTW, my connection is faster. But your upload speed is very fast if you at the download speed.

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i am interested and live near

i am interested and live near you. please contact me via pm

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I'm interested as well,

I'm interested as well, please pm me

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I'm very interested!

I'm very interested in the offer. Could you contact me by email

I have been wanting to get a MC server for a long time that myself and friends can play on, I'm not to sure how they will work ect. I find it hard to get servers and other stuff to work but I'm sure you will be able to help me get started. Also what is the down time on your servers and would I be able to remotely reset the server if, for say my map crashes.

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Me and my friends are interested.

Both my friends and i are interested in your offer. I don't know if you are still doing this offer, but if you are, can you email me at

about all the details such as how to pay. Thanks

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Are theIr moded servers and would it cost extra? Io have been playing on a vanilla privet server for a while and wondered if I could do the same with mods

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You're bumping a thread from 4 years ago mate. He's not getting back to you...