Minecraft Single Player Download (free)
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hey guys, i found this launcher on my computer and just thought i would share it with you. virus scan provided. i have no idea where i got this from either, but i did NOT make it. no credit goes to me.


theres the video i made for it. also, virus scan (which is here and in vid description)


just place minecraftSP.exe on desktop and open it. dont  enter in any usernames or anything, just hit enter. it will download updates. then hit single player cuz multiplayer wont work, and create a world.

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psn gamertag: killerofnoobz
xbox gamertag: iLikeKittehs

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Bad link

it's no longer there, the youtube vid, post link to download please

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You should remove this post

distributing copys of minecraft is breaking copyright laws and receiveing a copy is the equivlent of receiveing stolen goods (also a crime)

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ban him from forums warez is

ban him from forums

warez is against rules

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Agenst the rules

Agenst the rules