Players can't break blocks/trees
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i have created a minecraft server
but when my friends log on they can only run around
they can't break blocks or trees
while i can break blocks and trees
i have even started building a house and place a door what i can open and close
but when my friends wanna open it they can't

can anny1 help plz
is it something that i must change on the server setting???

btw running alpha 1.22

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please post things that are

please post things that are not useless spam

uh... are your friends building in the area they spawned in? if so that is not working at all try building like 20 blocks away from the spawn area (a 32x32 area where people spawn in)
that should help

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first of all , make sure you

first of all , make sure you are out of the spawn zone ( 25 blocks from where you spawn if you die )

secondly - go into the folder you placed mincraft_server.jar - it will have several notepad files named different things like banned ips , server properties and whotnot 
i cant remember the file name , so this is a really bad example , so look at them - one of them will be completely empty - may be called players or ops - type they names perfectly , one name to a line in this file and they will have all the building and destroying privalages you do

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Or if your using a client

Or if your using a client such as Mclawl, go to the settings on there and make sure guests can click lol. Also make sure the default rank is guest too.