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It has come to our attention that more and more members including our staff have been receiving the error "The game broke! [org.lwjgl.opengl.OpenGLException: Out of memory (1285)]" after playing in a server for a little more than two minutes. This error causes the client to crash in the server every two minutes of either playing or idling, even if you are using full fog, or have a very powerful gaming computer.

As you know our maps are very full at the moment, mainly the Main server, where this error happens the most. This error is caused by OpenGL. OpenGL is what Minecraft uses to process graphics. If this gets overloaded by having to load too many textures at once under a set memory limit, it will cause the client to crash. If a lot of blocks were in a solid cube, rather than spread apart as seperate builds like that on the Main server, it would not crash.

This whole error is caused by the limit of memory you allow Minecraft to use, including OpenGL. In the client, the default memory is set to 800Mbs. Due to the map being so full, with so many spread out blocks and textures, OpenGL requires a extremely large amount of memory to run semi-smooth. So, if you lower the amount of memory that OpenGL uses, it would load less textures at once and slower, but it can handle all the textures it has to load, rather than having it load a lot of textures, fast.

The fix for this is easy. It simply tells OpenGL to load the same amount of textures, but at a slower pace. Before it was loading a lot of textures, as fast as it could, making the client crash.

To fix this error:

1. Right click run.bat and select 'Edit'.
2. Press 'Ctrl + F' then search for '-Xmx'.
3. Change the number, whatever it may be, to '500' or '600'. (Even if you have a gaming computer)
4. Click 'File' then select 'Save'.

(Mac OSX)
1. Open '' in a text editor.
2. Search for '-Xmx'.
3. Change the number, whatever it may be, to '500' or '600'.
4. Save the file.

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I get this even when I play

I get this even when I play on the client..Not when I use the World of Minecraft client..

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i cant find the -Xmx and i am

i cant find the -Xmx and i am getting it even when i am not using the World of Minecraft client.

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If it appears when you're

If it appears when you're also using the browser client, you can change the amount of memory that Java uses by editing its runtime parameters. Simply follow the below tutorial, but be sure to not put -Xmx300, which is what they have.


As for the client .bat files, here's the default versions with altered memory limits:
-Xmx500 Batch File
-Xmx600 Batch File
-Xmx500 Exe File
-Xmx600 Exe File

If you are using a custom Java path, you must change the bat file for it to work correctly.

The above .exes work the same as the .bat files, if you do not want to use the .exe as a Steam shortcut, ignore the exes.

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hi im getting this error on the new client which is World of Minecraft.exe and not a bat. i do have the old  bat version however that wont start at all bdue to it not updating as it should be i get abourt 30 secs in before it crashes