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--- About Jolicraft ------------------------------------
My name is Jolicoeur, so I called it Jolicraft. It's pronounced "Jolly Craft" by the way. My name means "Happy Heart", so I guess Jolicraft means "Happy Craft". So maybe I should have called it HappyCraft, because I'm generally quite happy. But I'm not always happy. Sometimes I run out of wine. Sometimes there's no hot water for my bath. Sometimes when I'm changing my son's diaper, he pees on me.

Minecraft is a game about crafting the world around you. What better way to craft the world than to craft the very stuff the world is made of? I had a great time creating Jolicraft, it's so addictive to create textures and see them live in your own world. I didn't really intend to push the pack as far as I did, but damn this sh*t is addictive. It's as addictive as Minecraft itself, which is saying alot.

This is Minecraft people. As with life, don't take it too seriously. A good plentiful helping of Jolicraft will wash the dust away from your dreary world.

--- Features -------------------------------------------
· Custom swirly smoke/explosion animation
· Strange & ominous "pumpkin" stones
· "Andre the Wanderer" character skin included (char.png in the mob folder)
· Built in WildGrass support
· All terrain items
· GUI & hud
· Moody custom clouds
· All Passive mobs
· All No-So-Passive mobs
· Boat, cart, sign, sun, moon, bed, pumpkinblur, biomes, et cetera, and more!

--- Installing Jolicraft ---------------------------------
Just download the zip and place it in your minecraft texture packs folder.

I ordinarily don't approve of 16x16 texture packs that require a patcher, but I just can't stand that ultramarine blue of the default water any more. And the default biomes. They seriously limits your palette. Not to mention that STUPID side grass not being affected by biomes. So, I'd strongly suggest that if you install this you use MCPatcher, with all options checked. Then you'll get the custom lava & water, and the my biome choices. Also install WildGrass because it's pretty.

There are several alternate pngs in the zip, so if you'd like to use them simply remove the "_alt" from the file name. For example, if you want to use gui_alt.png instead of gui.png, delete gui.png and rename gui_alt.png to gui.png. The default Jolicraft has biome choices (very subtle). If you want vanilla Jolicraft without any biomes, delete "foliagecolor.png" and "grasscolor.png" from the "misc" folder of the zip, and remove the "_alt" from "foliagecolor.png" and "grasscolor.png".

There are also many alternate textures in terrain.png. I'm going to give some very simple instructions for this. If you need more help, please don't ask in this thread. This isn't a troubleshooting thread, this is a "Isn't Jolicraft great?" and/or "Doesn't Jolicraft suck?" thread. There's lots of help out there for you if you search for it, or ask in the appropriate forum. INSTRUCTIONS: STEP1: extract terrain.png from jolicraft_x.x.zip. STEP2: Open terrain.png in your favorite image editing program (if you don' t have a good one try Paint.NET, it's free). STEP3: Find the texture you want to replace and delete it, find the replacement and highlight it, then move the replacement to the original texture's position. STEP4: Save the file, and put the modified terrain.png in the zip and overwrite the one that's in there. STEP5: Install the texture pack and your new texture should be there.

--- Version History--------------------------------------
· 2.6 - Wolves, title screen, cookie
· 2.5 - temporary update, APRIL FOOLS!
· 2.4 - New wildgrass vines, flowers, cacti. New painting added.
· 2.3 - New sandstone block, new chicken skin (a crow), wildgrass lily pad, added alternates for lapis blocks, alternate workbench texture, new lightstone texture, changed full-grown grain texture a bit, new birch bark texture (old one is available as an alt)
· 2.2 - all weapons & tools reskinned, fint & steel (zippo!),
misc colour tweaks to all the wood items, added alt sandstone block back into terrain.png,
· 2.1 - 27 original pieces of art added, chaned lapis ore & block, added alternate pumpkin and sidegrass texture to terrain.png, added note icon to particles
· 2.0 - Changed sandstone block texture (to look better as a naturally occuring material, sorry to all you folks who use sandstone as a building material - the alternate is still in terrain.png just for you), changed gold, diamond, & iron blocks (with 2 alts), changed ores a bit (I like them, love it or shove it), added custom hand-painted custom pumpkinblur, added new custom biomes (much more subtle, and if you choose not to use them it doesn't break the pack), many other small tweaks.
· 1.9 - Custom biomes that don't totally suck (set as alts, still in testing phase), changed bed texture a bit.
· 1.8 - 1.3 update. Beds, redstone, redstone repeaters, and appropriate icons.
· 1.7 - New Tic-Tac-Toe cake texture (with explosive surprise), new zombie (why did I think shirt+tie was ever a good idea?), monster spawner, added a tiny bit of sidegrass (that's all you're going to get!), misc icon & gui tweaks, added alternate gui (circles instead of wonky squares), New Mossy Cobblestone
· 1.6- Custom water animation! Changed: lava, diamond ore, gold ore, iron ore, redstone ore, lapis ore, smoothstone, lever. Changed:clay icon, coal icon, leather icon, flint icon.
· 1.5 - Added zombie pigmen. All mobs done!
· 1.4 - Silly squids, zealous zombies, googley ghasts, slippery skeletons, crispy creepers, somewhat sensual spiders.
· 1.3 - Added filthy pigs, stupid sheep, stinky cows, and retarded birds. Removed hair from armor skins. Custom Wildgrass.
· 1.2 - Armor skins added! interface touchups, change TNT block a bit, changed sign a bit.
· 1.1 - New photos added, optimized size (200kb smaller), new redstone torch & wire.
· 1.0 - Jolicraft released, world rejoyces

--- Q&A ------------------------------------
Why did you make this 16x16? Wouldn't it be awesomer if it was 32x32 or 128x128 or 1080x1080?
I love 16p texture packs. It seems the perfect resolution to match the style of Minecraft. The purposefully crude low-res pixel crafting nature of the game was simply made for 16x16 textures, anything more just feels weird - like drinking red wine while eating hotdogs. Which Notch does every morning at the breakfast table. Although I'm sure one day I'll be bored and play around with a 32x32 version, just for the fun of it.

Can you please add more sidegrass?
Let me explain why this is almost no sidegrass on Jolicraft dirt. I like sidegrass in many texture packs. Sometimes it works and looks great for the type of grass & dirt they've created. But Jolicraft dirt is different. It's firm and scoopable. The grass is a thin layer on top of the dirt, so more sidegrass makes no sense as it either makes the grass layer feel thicker than I want or it makes the thin grass all droopy. Think of my dirt like cake with icing on top, so when you scoop through it the grass doesn't instantly hang down the side, it stays firm. And the grass overhangs just a tiny bit to cast a slight shadow down the side of the dirt. It's that crisp edge that makes Jolicraft dirt different from other dirt. It's not that I'm against sidegrass in general, just sidegrass in Jolicraft.

I wish Jolicraft had a pack customizer like painterly does
That's not a question. But I wish that too. Unfortunately I have no idea how to do that. I looked into it once, but it was hard and it started making my brain feel all stupid and not thinking good, so I gave up. If anyone knows how to do this and wants to help me get Jolicraft with a customizer, I'd be pretty happy. I have all the site construction skills to get it up & awesome, I just need somone to build the customizer. I might even pay.

I asked you to change a texture and you didn't. What gives?
I'm sorry. You had good intentions in suggesting a change, but I didn't care for it. Don't be angry! I don't care for lots of stuff that other people like. And I care for lots of things that other folk don't like. And I'm neutral to things that many people aren't neutral to. What a world! Does that answer your question?

What's wrong with you?
Once when I was young I pushed a toothpick into my ear and it went all the way in and didn't come out. I've not been quite right since then.

--- Credits, Links, & Thanks --------------------------
· Frenden - Used most of his custom inventory icons. Have you seen his pack?
· The Painterly Pack - used their custom clouds.
· My Mom, for giving birth to me and making Jolicraft possible.

Other great texture packs:
· The 16p RPG, the other pack I maintain, a 16x16 Doku RPG pack.
· Frenden, a great cartoony pack.
· SineCraft, by my buddy SineDevience.
· Pixeludi Pack, winner of the texture pack contest, by Mruqe.

--- Jolicraft Sightings ------------------------
Featured on Yogscast:

Some videos made by my new best friend ScottJ10:

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Reserved for future updates.

Reserved for future updates.

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NOTE: There is a fake/scam

NOTE: There is a fake/scam version of Jolicraft floating around World of Minecraft. Please ensure that you use the version in this thread and none other. Enjoy!

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the page u linked in the instrutions isent work so i cant post

the page u linked in the instrutions isent work so i cant post my pic/s

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Custom Water

How do I get the custom animated water instead of the normal? Because the default water doesn't look good with Jolicraft and it's drving me insane!