1.7.10 Modded Survival "Live To Die"
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About Live To Die, What Do We Offer?
Ever thought that vanilla minecraft was just a little bit too quick and easy? You enter the world, you build up your belongings until you have enough to conquer the nether and the end.... And thats it, you're stuck with nothing left to do that you havent already done, except building and begin to have a nagging feeling that you might has well be playing creative.

I know I have.....

And thats where the all new Live To Die server comes in! Sure, its been around for a while now, but its recently been revamped into something bigger, something better, something with MORE to offer our players.

More what you ask?!

Well just more.. but if you really want a run down of what we've added here it is :

More biomes
More decorative blocks
More building blocks
More hidden treasures
More dungeons
More plants
More trees
More food
More friendly mobs
More hostile mobs
More tameable mobs
More functionality from vanilla items
More ores & gems
More ways to make armour, tools & weapons
More stones
More dimensions (yes two more to be exact!)
More crops
More birds
More ocean life
More village types and locations
More villager occupations and trades
More challenge!

The focus on this server is MORE! We wanted to make our world a little different, a little difficult and give you more to do, more to stick around and play for. And I think we've suceeded. Sure things won't be easy, and you will die often. But you won't get bored. We all know 1.10 is very popular right now, but its new and newness fades fast. So when you're bored with it, we'll be waiting for you to give us a try.

To apply copy our application and fill it out. You can post it here on the forum, or here on our FB Group.

Member Application
Minecraft username -
Age -
Country/Timezone -
How Often Will You Play -
How Did You Hear About Us -

Game Version, Forge & Installed Mods
To play on our server you will need to have a 1.7.10 Forge Profile in your Minecraft account with the mods installed on our server, you can find the mods to download all conveniently packaged HERE. If you need help to figure out how to install forge and the mods please post to the thread and we'll be in touch.

Armour Expansion
Auto Sapling
Biomes O Plenty
Carpenters Blocks Mod
Clay Worldgen
Colorful Armor
Cyanos Lootable Bodies
Doggy Talents
Doors O Plenty
Exotic Birds
Extended Villages
Extra Stones
Forge Essentials
Garden Stuff
Glass Shards
Hunting Traps
Ice Shards
Improving Minecraft
Lots O Mobs
MC Turtle
Mining Mod
More Armours
Mo Villages
No Mobs Spawning On Trees
Pig Manure
Placeable Items
Plants Plus
Special Mobs
Starting Inventory
Step Up
Trash Slot
Tree Capitator
Waila Harvestability
Wood Stuff
Xaeros Minimap
Yet Another Leather Smelting Mod

Server Basics
Version - 1.7.10 Modded (Forge)
Difficulty - Hard Survival
Server Address - livetodieserver.hosthorde.net

A complete list can be found in game by doing /rules and may be added to at any time so be sure to check regularly. Always ASK if not sure on the rules.

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Updated mod!

Updated Special Mobs to the last verion (3.2.2) mod packs have been updated but if you just need it grab it from here - https://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/special-mobs#t1:other-downloads

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ADDED Archimedes Ships Mod

SERVER UPDATED to include ARCHIMEDES SHIP MOD!! The mod pack linked in the group description has been updated to include this mod, however you can find it on our facebook group as a single file so that those will all the other mods can pop it in their mods folder and we can all get back to playing.

I hope you'll have great fun with this mod, I know the admin team already has in the testing!

Also congratulations to MaitreDesBlocs & Marli_Magpie who have became trial mods in the last couple of days. Be nice to them and they'll be nice to you!