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|   adventure   |   survival   |   quests   |   ranks   |   economy   |   custom texture pack  |  awesome staff


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[ lore ]

You are now a rescued maggot, having crash landed on the planet of DarkCrystal you are demoted and your aircraft destroyed.. With nothing left to live for, the Galactic Battalion enlists you in the Army to prove your valor and bravery once more. You must complete quests, tasks, and survive to make it through til the end. To become a Fleet Captain once again..

[ current update ]

we are still building, so please be patient. everything will be running as soon as possible, as it is only i ~blakkember who is building all the quests, overworld, and towns on this server. come keep me company and challenge our two new quests!

[ administrative staff ]

please respect our staff and they will respect you

OWNER |blakkember

ADMIN ^Bro_Ninja_

ADMIN ^Western_Wolf

ADMIN ^Gad_Daddy69

[ what do i do once i log in ]

upon joining, you should receive a rulebook. please abide to these, as we didn't write them for you to ignore. thank you.

[ mailing system ]

once you've read the rules, please do /mail send   the following message "I agree to the Rules stated in the Rulebook" (or something similar, i am not picky!) and i will then add you to the enlisted rank.

[ quests]

once you are enlisted, you can do one of three things! the choice is yours.enlist in quests to earn prizes &amp;amp; ranksgo shopping at the Marketplace

build in the Overworld

[ hubs ]

are currently under construction. ask blakke to show you what he's made so far! he'd be glad to help you.

[ questions ]

be sure to ask blakke any questions you might have, or if you have any suggestions! it'd be great to hear anything at all from you guys, it's truly appreciated.  loads of things have still yet to be implemented, but we are still offering the server to be played on to get our name out there and to fix issues so we need as much help as we can get.

[ see you soon ]

[ updates ]

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Join this server!

This is a new server, and in the short time I've been on it, I can say that it is my new favorite as well as my new main server to frequent! Crystal Galaxy has the kindest staff that I've ever have had the privilege of meeting as well as great new twists to a SMP server that I've never seen in all my years of crafting. The HUBs are beautiful and the quests are great, with more on the way! This server has so much potential, all they need now is more people. So join today and watch this server thrive and grow around you to become your new favorite as well.

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Connect Today

With tons on unique features we're sure to dazzle you if not with our build's then our auto-ranking system through our quests & story to follow. Play Survival along the way to collect and discover new hidden chests every month along with HUBS with new quests!!