1.8 SMP Warp system information
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Hello Everyone,
When we started out on this last map we changed our warp policy from us providing warps to villages of a certain size to paid warps. these came with a number of commands and introduced private warps.

Unfortunately I didn't have much time to create the solution so it wasn't very polished.

I've spent some time pre 1.8 writing a new warp system.
Here's a quick feature summary:

  • Place - Move existing warps you own. (Town centre change or want to move the warp into a new building? now you can!)
  • Message - Each warp now has a welcome message you can set.
  • SubMessage - Each warp also has a submessage you can set.
  • Colour - Customise the colour of the welcome message
  • Subcolour - Customise the colour of the submessage
  • Rename - Rename your warp if your town changes name!
  • Create - Create your own warps, no need for staff.
  • Createprivate - Same as above for private warps
  • Allow and Deny - Control access to your private warps
  • Access - Print a full list of who has access to your warp.

The format of all commands is /warpmanager <task> <warp> [extra things]

You can also use /wm for short

Here's a table to explain:

Warp Manager System
TaskTask AliasesDescriptionExampleTypeCost (In game)
PlaceplRe-position an existing warp or
place it on a new map at  your current location.
/wm place WarpyWarpPublic & Private$10,000+ one free place after a map change
MessagemeAdjust the main welcome message for a warp/wm me Warpywarp Welcome to WarpyWarp!!Public & Private$1000
SubmessagesmAdjust the sub welcome message for a warp/wm sm Home of tacos!Public & Private$1000
Colourco, colorSet the welcome message colour/wm colour Warpywarp Dark_bluePublic & Private$500
Subcoloursc, subcolorSet the sub welcome message colour/wm sc Warpywarp aquaPublic & Private$500
RenamereRename an existing warp/wm rename Warpywarp SpuddletonPublic & Private$10,000
Create-Create a public warp/wm create WarpyWarpPublic$150,000
Createprivate-Create a private warp/wm createprivate HobbitonPrivate$225,000
AllowalAllow any number of specified users to use your warp. The user must have logged into SMP before./wm al Hobbiton Steve HerobrinePrivate only$0
DenydeRevoke access for any number of users, They must be allowed to access your warp already./wm de Hobbiton HerobrinePrivate only$0
AccessacView a list of people who can access your warp. The names will be updated on the next use of your warp after a name change./wm access HobbitonPrivate only$0
Help-View the help command for the warp manager/wm helpPublic & Private$0


Because you can now set welcome messages and warp names without a staff member present don't forget the rules when setting them. If your warp name or welcome message is breaching these rules then it may be changed or removed at staff discretion.

In addition warps are not to be created in places to kill players. You are expected to provide a safe environment to warp into and claim that to prevent other players griefing the warp.

Creating a warp with the intention of using it to kill players will result in removal of the warp and a ban.

If you have any other questions or suggestions for things you would like to see in the warp system please post and I'll get back to you.




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Many bump. Wow!

Bumping this because its relevant now.

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Why so expensive, how am I

Why so expensive, how am I going to get this much? :(

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I think that the price for a warp shouldn't be 150k, it should be much cheaper. Just an opinion

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Warps are supposed to be hard to get, this is a good price and also much cheaper than the last map.

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I think this price is perfect

It makes warps difficult to get with only 1 or 2 people, but still attainable. I remember last map I made 140k off of selling redstone alone.
(Before the price nerfs please don't nerf again.)

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Renting Warps

Maybe players could possibly rent warps, for like $10k a month? (Alongside buying them... just another option)

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could you post a picture of what the welcome messages look like, and the submessages too?

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If you warp to caelum that one has welcome messages.
If I add a preview function to warp manager for them would that work?

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Have now added Transfer and Preview
Neither has a cost.

/wm transfer - This will transfer ownership of your warp to someone else. Be completely sure you want to do it before you do. no take-backsies.
Transfer of a warp will not make it last longer, warps are still going to be wiped after they've been around for 2 maps.

/wm preview - Preview what a warp welcome message would look like. (Larger messages don't look that amazing)