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IP: play.xenoflux.com
Website: www.xenoflux.com

We are the Xenoflux gaming community, first created in July of 2014 and this is our new minecraft network. Consisting of five servers inclusive of the Hub, Survival, Skyblock, Creative and KitPVP with potential expansion in the future. Our network is run by a dedicated staff team consisting of a management team, moderators and helpers who ensure your time with us is enjoyable and beneficial. We have a website including forums where our community can discuss adventures on Xenoflux, announcements detailing updates to our community, donation store where players can enhance their experience on Xenoflux by either contributing to keep our network alive or use points gathered from voting for us.

Hub: A well built, decorated area detailing our current staff team and providing portals to our Survival, Creative, Skyblock and KitPVP servers. With an expansive area for socialising with current and new players as they join.

Survival: When entering survival spawn you will first notice the fantastic work constructed by our build team. The area includes, Crates opened via keys obtained through donating or voting. Multiple spawnshops, accessible through /warp shop, allowing players to use money in game to purchase items required to survive in the world. An area detailing donator ranks obtained through our website again by contributing or using collective votes and others including /nick and spawners. As well as nether and end portals to go fight the creatures of the underworld and afar. A road leading from spawn provides access to the world where we're sure you'll flourish surviving the dangers which can be protected using Grief Prevention.

Skyblock: Again our builders have created a remarkable spawn of multiple islands which include access to crates and info on donator ranks. A wall explaining commands used for A Skyblock including the creation of your island from three options; Easy, Duo and Expert. A Parkour game that you can attempt to conquer. As well as an island using Essentials trading signs to provide players access to unobtainable materials using money earned from challenges and selling through the Auction House using /ah. This is shadowed by a huge green dragon that you will stare in awe.

Creative: Our creative server, now run by the Cerulean build team. They have built a wonderful spawn, where you begin in a room detailing the progression process, rules of plot building and ranks. All, you can familiarise yourself with before exiting into the Creative server. Included is a tutorial area providing advice on making your creations. When ready using /warp you can enter plots worlds where you can begin your creative builds alongside other players providing inspiration including the Cerulean build team.

KitPVP: Our newest addition to the Xenoflux family, this server allows players to enter PVP combat using the accessible kits from the spawnpoint. Gain money from kills and use it to unlock higher level kits for domination in the arena, the Cerulean build team have constructed. With more maps arriving in the near future, the battle never ends. Attempt to get on the stats ladder, including highest number of kills and highest balance, both visible in mini player statues form at the Spawn area.

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The Hub
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