4/1/2014 Server Changelog
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Hey all! Later today we will ship out some changes to the servers. Here is a brief explanation of the changes:


  • All prices have been reduced to 0.
    Context: We felt like it was too easy to get money. You could literally dig up some dirt and bam you're rich.
  • Server has been set to "Hardcore" difficulty.
    Context: Weakness must be punished.
  • All zombie pigs are now automatically aggressive and wield an enchanted diamond sword.
    Context: Ventures into the Nether were too easy and needed something new. Something diamond.
  • Spawners now detonate in a 50 block radius when a player comes within 20 blocks.
    Context: Spawners are too accessable and too dependable, causing a select few the ability to grind endlessly for levels. We're hoping these changes combat that.
  • There are now six Enderdragons in the End. One Enderdragon will spawn every 5 minutes.
    Context: The End is too boring after the initial group of enderslayers, so we're hoping this change livens the game a bit.
  • Enderdragon no longer drops experience or an egg.
    Context: Eggs were just too OP.


  • Game mode now set to survival.
    Context: Creative is just too easy. Risk = reward, and creative didn't have enough risk.


  • Removed from the World of Minecraft Server Network.
    Context: We though Hub was just too good to be true, so with further tests, we decided it didn't really exist.


  • Added to the World of Minecraft Server Network.
    Will be enabled later.


Well, that's all! Hope to see you all in game!

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ok :/

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April Fools :D