5 best times on World of Minecraft: realms
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As a solute to the fall of World of Minecraft realms, i would like to share my 5 best momments

5. The start of my project.- I used to play other video games, and i started to make a mini version of a place in one. This made minecraft and that game seem evan more special.

4. My Hotel.- I started building a hotel, and it sorta sucked, but I liked it anyway. I loved the idea of having other non existan people on my realm, in my hotel rooms

 3. The castle.-I had one really cool castle, with a drawbridge, lava moat and throne, and it was awesome!!!

2. - World of Minecraft client.- when i got it, i loved putting in random texture packs!

1. My House.- just thinking a bout it makes me sad. it was the first thing i had ever built in minecraft, cause this server was my first server. it was long an led right up to the coast of the ocean. it had 2 floors, and a bed.

I miss you realms! :,,(


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I think we all feel the same.


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we all feel bad for World of Minecraft's

we all feel bad for World of Minecraft's fall, but c'mon, i mean, it's just a game, i'm not that sad about World of Minecraft's fall, but i'm still a bit frustrated