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Welcome to Absurd Gaming. We are a Multi-Gaming community which host various game servers.
We currently have in the process of starting a samp Server and scripting a Arma II Police mod. We have also recently started our Creative Minecraft Server. here you can hop in game and build whatever creation's come to your mind. In return you can have Admin/Staff rank your builds to ultimately move up in our building ranks. As you move up you will receive more permissions on the server as you move up the building ranks.
In the close future we are adding TF2 arenas for some added pvp to our server. We are a creative fun community who strive to have fun. We are also up for suggestions on new plugins. We also have a economy and jobs in the survival world with mcmmo. set up shops to sell your items. Spleef is also being added shortly so comejoin the fun.

WE OFFER: PVP,JOBS,Economy,Survival,Creative,Spleef,Tf2

Possible Updates: Factions

Builder Ranks 
1. Guest
2. Builder
3. ProBuilder
4. Craftsmen
5. ProCraftsmen
6. Helper (coming Soon)

8. Moderator


As a donator you will get world edit and also be able to build in your own seperate world away from all others. You can let players visit your world to see your creations! Also you will recive xp with various enchated armour and starter supplys. We also are looking for dedicated staff members. People who are willing to work with and help new players on the server. IF you are intrested in being a admin please connect to our teamspeak for a interveiw with a server Admin so we can discuss your role at Absurd Gaming. All players are also encouraged to connect to teamspeak also but is not required to play on the server.Please be able to speak clear english.

Server Info
Minecraft Server IP:
Website : www.absurdgaming.com/forum
Teamspeak3 Address : ts37.gamespeak.com:9242

Thanks For Your Time From the AG Staff Team

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Massive updates

I have been helping the owner out with his server and we have been updating a lot. TF2 will be up shortly, we have economy, jobs, mcmmo, etc. check our website and the server for more info. (we work on bugs and updates almost every night)

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We now have factions on the server! Also spleef will be added hopefully this weekend. We are working on the server every day so stop by and say hi :)