Arglyx Wasteland [SMP/PVP] [Runecraft] [Griefprevention]
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Survive in a bleak landscape! Totally custom badlands map.

You need to use villages and mineshafts to get wood and unless you're very lucky you'll be eating zombie flesh to survive.

This is NOT designed to be a raiding server, it has tight grief-prevention. You can, however, play it as a raid server if you want to. Unprotected buildings are fair game to destroy/steal from and pvp is always allowed. Unused claimed land unlocks after 20 days of inactivity.

People on the server tend to be nice and pacifistic. If you're nice and can act like an adult about it i'd love for you to come in and shake things up with some pvp!


It's a small server, with 7-10 people on at peak. Peak times are USA evening and night. Need some more EU players to make it more crowded during EU times too! I'm in germany and the server has excellent connection from here.

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Arglyx Wasteland is BACK!

It is now up and running with the new map in place. Have at it all, and hope you enjoy. Please be sure to let me konw what you think. What is liked and not liked about this map will help me in making the next one. I am thinking it will take at least 3-4 months to minimum to get the next one ready so plenty of time to post your comments. Thank you all for your patience adn sorry for it taking soo long.

Also the IP's are as follows: