Attention Server hosts!!!!!
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Your age:14
Name of proposed server: I don't know yet
How much RAM you want: (note: best to keep it small first. And by small, I mean 256 MB.) Anything from 1 gb up
How many player slots: 100
Describe your server idea: (note: a minimum of 6-7 sentences is a good benchmark.)
I was thinking of a pvp server that revolves around good guys and bad guys. It also is based off of credits. You rank up by killing people or sending bad people to jail. When you go onto the server you have a choice of either being bad or good. Good people go to heaven for 10 minutes when they are killed (can buy out of heaven with tokens) and bad people go into jail for 15 (can buy out of jail) Jail costs 100 and Heaven costs 70. The cost is in tokens. Bad people get 10 for killing and good people get ten for sending to jail... If you are bad you get a perk though, you have better equipment then cops (unless the cop is upgraded more). You upgrade with tokens as well. Good guys would go something like this (with increasing prices as going up) once you choose who you are you have paths to take. It is sort of like hero's the plugin but for individual people. There are also paths for others too. You can switch your thing every (insert how many hours here) hrs but then you lose all progress. When you go to jail or heaven the other person doesn't get your stuff right away, If you buy yourself out in the 10 minutes you have then you get your stuff back (remember it isn't as easy as you think to pvp). There will be many maps (different one every month or few days) It will have looting places as well. There are safe places for both "teams.” ALSO to get your kit for that rank it is 10 credits if you don't break/pay/buy out of heaven or jail. IF You have no money you can take a loan from the "mafia" (A staff member made for that job) but you have to pay them back in time... or else......
Why you want this server: (note: please do not say "I deserve a christmas present.") I have been thinking about ideas and this one came out of a game I saw,.... Candy Crush Saga based off of credits and things like that. I also have been playing a kit pvp server so I liked those aspects.
On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you want the server?: 10
Proposed Plugins: I am getting them custom coded so that would be private.
Donation Plan: (Detail what donators' ranks you will have, if applicable.)
Do you already have a community? If so, how many active players? If not, how will you be getting players?: Through free advertising like planet mine craft. When people vote they get out of jail for free. (or the actual credits)
What makes your server special? Why should I join your server instead of that other server?:
We have custom plugins and no one else can have them, Also it will be very fun!Is there a reason why you can't pay for this server?: I am investing in custom plugins.
What is your preferred method of contact? Skype? PM?: kobylazar is my skype
What you will do for the company in return: (Note: If you are begging a company for a server, please don't put "and you can be op on the server", as most server hosting companies do not have time to play on all those servers.) I will pay you once we get donations, also I will be having an auto announcer plugin to say whatever you would like. 

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wrong area for this also 1GB will not allow you to host 100 people and no one will give you a free server it cost money per month