Awesome World of Minecraft Faction Recruitment Bureau (Join a Clan!)
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This is where you can ask to be invited to join my Clan, "Awesome World of Minecraft Faction".
Firstly, you'll need to buy a World of Minecraft: Realms clan application. To get one, go to and log in. then, click "Edit" Next to your desired realm/user. Then, click on "Reputation Store". From here, you can purchase a few different things, but we're going to buy a clan application. So go ahead and click on it, and buy it. Next, back on the edit page, click on "Clan Manager" and fill out the application form.
Then, when you've done all that, you can ask somebody to invite you to their clan! (In this case, it's me, but there are plenty of good clans you can join!)
Then, check your clan application again and scroll down to see if anybody has invited you!
That's about it. If you want to be invited to my clan, just ask. and if you want to be invited to somebody else's clan, just ask them!
It's worth knowing you can only be in one clan at any given time, too.
Pics/etc might be added later.

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