BienCreole town of HavenMC is now accepting residents
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***Please  Paste Your Residential Application here :


BienCreole settled its roots in the lush swamp lands of HavenMC of 2014. Filled with Real-life creations built off of New Orleans, La; Bourbon St. This majestic town was Founded by Mayor Heyitskat who strives to bring fun and excitement to it's wonderful Capital HavenMC. BienCreole was accepted into the Nation of Valencia spring of 2014 and prepares to uphold the honor and respect Valencia has always brought to HavenMC.


Listed below will be the rules as well as an Application for residency. I choose to go with an application as BienCreole prefers a more stable resident rather than its fly by night type. There is not rank preferred. All Ranks need apply. By reading the rules below and posting an application on this thread for residency is a contract acknowledging you agree to the town rules and promise to uphold them.


1) No Disrespect to other residents

2)Do not Grief/Steal from other residents. (automatic kick)

3) No building dirt house’s (will be removed)

4) Always follow server rules (automatic kick)

5) BienCreole are not responsible for theft/grief from players listed on your friends list.( there are /res perms, use them)

6) Inactivity after 30 days you will be auto kicked from town so please try to at least log on weekly.

7) SHOP PLOTS! Coming SOON! (These are pre-builds on Bourbon St. if you are seeking separate plots for shop they do have Plot tax of $150 daily. This is separate from Town Upkeep taxes, are taken at same time.)

8) Pre-BUILDS: DO NOT destroy Pre-builds, doing so will be auto removal from town residency.

9) ENCHANTING: table is located in St Louis Cathedral, open 24/7 for public use.

10) Only one plot per resident at this present time and is subject to change in the near future.

11) Towny Upkeep Taxes: is $20.00 daily/Weekly =150.00. If you cannot afford to pay tax to help with towns upkeep please do NOT apply.

12) Embassy Plots: Coming soon!


***Please remember that there are only 22 plots open for residency at this time.***


***PLEASE copy and paste this application down below when applying for residency***
Bien Creole Towny Application for residency



How long have you played on HavenMC?

Pre-build or Build your own plot?

Are you aware of the Daily Upkeep Tax(20.00)?

Have you read the Server Rules?

Will you be seeking a separate shop plot?(if so, those do have a separate plot tax as regular first claimed plot does not cost anything. Shop plots coming soon! )

Applying and answering this Applicaion for Towny Residency show that you accept the town rules and know the consequences of what might happen due to breaking them… (Do you understand what has been presented to you?)


I want to thank you for stopping by and enjoying BienCreole and look forward to posting more updates as this town grows and inspires.

Your Mayor,


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Shop plots are now available, Contact Mayor to choose one of the 11/11 to your liking
DO NOT Destory the exterior of SHOP PLOTS!
Interior can be changed to your liking
[center]REMINDER: Shop Plots have a separate "Daily Plot Tax" $150.00, Daily. ( NOT to be confused with Town Upkeep taxes.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. 
Your Honorable Mayor,

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Come Celebrate with Us!

BienCreole's Hosts Belated Mardi Gra's Celebration

Date 6/7/14-TODAY

Time Starts at 7pm  EST

Special Event Time Firework show at 10 o'clock EST

Many Festivities to enjoy..... Parade Floats, Games, Food  &  Just Hanging out with friends.. So stop by on the time Listed above, We can not wait to see you....

This Celebration was thought of and will be hosted by Resident's Mutablesnails & georgia479

Town of BienCreole is set to private until Celebration Begins



then /t spawn biencreole




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I want to thank all those

I want to thank all those whom visited BienCreole this past weekend for our belated Mardi Gras Celebration. I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful time! :d

Mardi Gras will be up Continued in BienCreole all weekend long so come back as much or as little as your like. :d We always enjoy visitor's :d


Dont forget to Come by for more contests and events that go on monthly, always something fun going on here on HavenMC! :D