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I am starting a new clan up, known as Breach. It will be a Minecraft based Forum but will also have room for other games. We are a Gaming community and will be adding videos to a community channel that will be on YouTube and will be accessed by very few people. It will be public, however the Clan will not, you must submit to us your work and then the clan leaders will then decide whether your able to join or not. As a member of Breach you will need to be available at certain times and these times will be based around British times. (GMT) We will have special Classes of people where each group is assigned to do a certain job within a certain game. If you wish to record it that fine, however if it is posted anywhere you must link it back to this Site and our Channel. The rules of this clan are as Follows;
1.) You are a member of Breach, you must put the word out about our clan. But DO NOT OVER DO IT (Spamming and Advertising on other pages is STRICTLY PROHIBITED) Anyone found doing this will be kicked from the Clan.

2.) Respect the Authority
3.) No posting crap. (E.g) Links etc etc.
4.) Just be nice. I dont see the point in you being an a****** so why bother? Your only making yourself look an ass. 
5.) No trolling or disrespecting others.
6.) Have fun
Requirements to Enter: 
-Minecraft The game
-Submit a photo to this post with some of your builds
-The word of an admin - Meaning that you have to have an admins clearance then the owners clearance. 
-A good humor, if your not able to take a joke, there's no point joining as you will just get pissed off and so will we.
-Other games
-Access to a microphone 
-No tryhards
Wanted but not needed;
A Youtube Channel.
A twitter account
Battlefield 1942 - Its just a fun game to play.
Remember this Clan is not Open! It is possible to apply for but you may be refused. 

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Hi you okay all them words make me sick because i can imagine how lon i took you to write them