Bring the Realms Back! (LOCKED)
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I, along with many, miss World of Minecraft:Realms. I remember all the fun we all have had, all the amazing builds (*cough* FiXeroN *cough*), and the fun clans. The World of Minecraft:Realms server setup was astounding. Gaining Reputation by building: makes people build more, Having your own world and all (except staff) have the same commands, and much more. 

I haven't been around the World of Minecraft community for a long, long time. I just want to have an amazingly fun server to play on, with old friends. I would play on the World of Minecraft SMP and PVP servers, but my computer isn't the best and I get MAJOR lag. So... yeah.

WoM:Realms was one of the most popular Classic servers of all time! I say one of them because there is Au 70 Galaxy and stuff. I bet we can find alot of new people that will do good for the World of Minecraft community if the Realms come back online. 


I will do whatever I can to try to get this server back. Just... Think about it staff and owners. I would really like it to come back. 


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Deal with it

Staff and admins work hard at everything they do. Right now their focus is on the smp pvp cmp servers. I  realms was fun, but as it has been said, it iw not a real possibility in  the near future.

For now have fun on the working server...

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