Bugs, glitch and extreme lags
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Hi everyone.

It seems that nobody is talking here about that, so i create a thread to inform people and maybe have some news of the server state.

Well, about 12 hours ago i try to connect to the server and i failed some times before finally be connected, but then i was into the ground under my last coordinates, and i died suffocating into the ground. I've been send to the spawn, and the /home command take ages to work but finally i get home. Trying to get my stuff back was pretty hard because while walking i was teleport back many times (braking blocks wasn't working neither). Anyway, when i finally get to the place where i died before, nothing of my stuff was here, i suppose it was deep into the ground or even under the map.
I tried some other times to play but i was always disconnected after few time, and it was more laggy than i've even seen, so i finally gave up. But now, when i try again to connect to the serv it's just the same as 12 hours ago, impossible to play like this.

These are the two message i get often from the server (if it can help) :
- "Connection Lost
Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException"
- "Error occurred while contacting login servers, are they down?"

And there are the peoples who had the same problems and who can confirm them :
BSRBraveSirRobin, XnrcX, xM4tr4x, Levian3000, KorkTheBeast, kid_thanatos, CraftBoy86, kmarquardt19, Aftabang, BRIANumber7

But there is also Mrnomnom860 and doglover1401 who said that they dont get any problem at all (maybe knowing that only a part of the members are experiencing such problems can help).

I hope you'll find the problem and fix our nice server :)
(and sorry for my english)

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I hope what I explained in game made sense!

To recap:

  • The connection issues are not comming from our server. Otherwise everyone would be complaining.
  •  The server errors are all to do with client issues or mojang server connection errors.

To fix your issues, I'd suggest running a speed test/ping test, selecting a server in canada and seeing if the test proves your connection stable or not.

I hope this helps!