CityCraft. DarkRP in MineCraft!
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Join today at CityCraft for an experience in MineCraft you won't forget! This is basically DarkRP in Minecraft. Sell items with chests and signs in turn to get more money thus the economy runs on itself. Like let's say that a shop closes. The economy might increase if there are more shops selling what it was selling. But it might decrease if it sold a product noone else sold. Also, horses travel on roads as a replacement for cars and such. Roleplay is heavy here, but plugins substitute some of the roleplaying (like jobs and money). Look at the pictures to see it (2/1/2014) all.

Not much to describe the amazingness of the server. But it is large, fun, organized, and has an mod, op, or admin on at all times!

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Whats the Server IP

What is the ip