Concerning World of Minecraft: Realms
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It has been brought to my attention that there has never been a topic detailing what happened to the Realms server. 

From what I understand, it was getting too expensive to run, so moujave took it down and was trying to find a cheaper way to host it, but there is just no way to run such a huge server in a cheap way.

Obviously the people paying for premium covered a bit of the cost, but it did not come close to making it affordable. Because of this, a tough decision had to be made, and Realms is gone. I am not saying that it will never be back (if someone wins a lottery and wants to donate $1,000,000 I'm sure we can have it :P) it is just very unlikely that we will see it again.

This is especially sad for the people who do not have a full minecraft account, but I hope to see those people who can access it on the SMP server.

I am deliberately leave this topic so that people can not comment as I do not want a big fight about how Realms should still be here.

Now please stop asking about it, we miss it too :(

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It wasn't related to money at all, World of Minecraft: Realms grew so big that the database that is uses can't handle the load anymore and causes the server to crash every 2/3 hours. Triddin was actually part way thru migrating it to a new platform, but with work and family commitments we just haven't found time to get back to it.

One of the major reason we shut down World of Minecraft: Realms (which might come back if I can motivate triddin) was the fact that it had an average of 7 people an hour. Common factors, classic becoming unpopular and how manage the classic list.

Anyway, if I have any more news, I'll post it here.