Consistently kicked without a single motive for conversation because of my name.
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While playing minecraft for my second day with no problems the first day, (Admin)~Strandzer with no warning at all, disconnected me from the server without chatting with me about the concern of my name. He clearly gave me a warning so I figured let me chat with him in game and throw all my items out and disband my faction, without any warning or even a question to my relogging prior to the disconnect he disconnects me again with a final warning because of my "name".  My name "KingHorny" was never intended to be a sexual remark, nor will I ever consider my name a sexual remark. The server rules prohibit sexual remarks, which my name does not affect or break in any way. Following this incident, I logged on in a seperate account to let my opinion be heard and just like talking to a brick wall he plainly stated "my name is a sexual remark." A remark is a comment, an expression of something you observed so to speak. My name is not a remark, nor does it affect other people around me. I would like the priviledge of using my name without the need to be disconnected by an admin who has no intention of listening to or understanding another player.

Thank you for your time and I hope my name can be used once again.

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You got the wrong server and website, Go post this on the website of the server where all of this happend.