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Competition Entry


Username: Inferno0717

Entry Name: The Statue of Liberty: World of Minecraft Realms Style!

Entry Detail: I've constructed a styled platform that the all mighty <WM> stands upon, watching over World of Minecraft Realms! I gave the entry this name because the original idea was the Statue of Liberty, but then I got the idea to put <WM> on it!

Do You Confirm That You Have Read The Rules Of The Contest: YES

Have You Completed Your Entry And It Is Ready To Be Judged? YES

Do You Confirm That This Entry Is All Your Own Work And Not Copied Or Plagiarized From Any Other Persons Work: YES

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You obviously DID NOT read the post.

"As per the rules above. Competition entry post are currently locked and cannot be submitted until the 22nd of August 2011." (quoted from www.womjr.com/contest2)

Please, next time, read the contest rules and don't create thread that shouldn't be here.

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closing topic due to not

closing topic due to not reading the contest rules