Cultivate: Farming Based Economy Server
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IP: All shop items 30% off until August 1st!

We as a team are proud to announce the opening of Cultivate MC. We have been working feverishly to bring out this server to the public and it is finally here! It runs 24/7, with minimal downtime and a very mature staff.

Cultivate is a farming based Economy server. The objective of this server is to rank up and become the richest person through farming various crops and items. You start out in the wild and find an appropriate place to live. As you play more, you are able to claim a larger place for yourself. Use your earned currency to participate in the economy and climb to the top! If that is not of interest, you can still come on and build a house and enjoy it as a vanilla Minecraft experience.

You are able to buy all the items you need with our GUI Shop. No bland signs, no travelling to some alternate location. Buy things straight from the comfort of your home! If your home is ever comprimised, we have the ability to check who destroyed it, when they destroyed it, and how they destroyed it. Hopefully this never happens, due to our claiming system! Starting out, you are able to claim a 1000 block area which is yours! No one can touch it or modify it in any way, unless you give them access to. Random players are not allowed to edit or destroy your builds.

So stop by and say hi, build a farm and become one of the greatest on CultivateMC!

If you have any questions please ask here, on the server, or on our website and we will be happy to answer them! Thanks for reading!


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Great server!

This server is great! I joined recently and loved it immediately. Staff are super friendly and plenty to do! Come join me :D We can be friends :3