Developing App movile - Crafting recipes for Minecraft
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I´m developing a new movile app for crafting recipes in Minecraft and I would like to have your help to improve and really be useful for everyone playing this fantastic game.

I leave the link here if you want to take a look:

With any suggestions you may write me here or send me an email.

Thanks for everything and best regards!

Mr. Redstone
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I am really good at crafting

I am really good at crafting recipes, how could I help?

Edit: I looked at the pictures, and maybe instead of having like the recipes with each material, maybe show the recipes with one material, then show the tiers of material and what materials can be used, because they are all in the same formation, jut different materials. You could also, with the brewing, tell what the potion does.(These suggestions are all assumptions from looking at the screenshots, I didn't have room to install the app. Tablet storage total: 7.3GB, Free space: 246MB. I would love to instal this app, but, I can't. Sorry)

P.S. The space is taken up by app that I will NOT get rid of. :'(