Elysium - Roleplay, Towny, Races, No whitelist. 1.3.1
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The Land of Elysium

We welcome all players, new and experienced with Role-Play. 

With a fresh map for 1.3, the world is open to any new players to take control of. We just want to make it fun for everyone and let people have a proper RP experience.

Race Selection

Pick from this selection of Races that you're character will play as. When you get in-game you will be asked by a member of staff which one you have picked. (This setup is to get rid of the need of an Application Form)

  • Human
  • Vampire
  • Werewolf
  • Angel
  • Dwarf
  • WoodElf
  • DarkElf
  • Tribal
There are also many more races added each day as you are allowed to make and start up your own race!

You also need to change your skin to the same as your race.

Roleplay Guidelines

Chat and Channels

Global Chat can be used for any OOC (out of character) and IC (in character) conversations. 

To access Global Chat simply type: '/g' or '/global'

Local Chat is ONLY for IC and Roleplay conversations.

To access Local Chat simply type: '/l' or '/local'

Combat Rules

Player Vs Player fighting is only allowed if both parties give consent, or one is provoked.

If someone is asked to leave a town by it's Mayor or someone with power, then that person should leave. If they do not leave then they can be attacked for that one time. 

If someone is asked to give items but that person refuses, this is not a good enough reason to attack.

If a town is known enemies with another town and they have agreed to fight, PVP at any time is allowed.

Making and running Towns

This server uses Towny to handle player protection. There is a tutorial in-game how to use this plugin. It is also recommended that you look on YouTube if you wish to create a town.

Additional Details

Elysium Survival is back, but with a RolePlay twist! Adventure through the Wilderness, join someone's town and aspire to make one yourself! Make Allies and Enemies, claim land and fight battles.
If you would like to view some pictures of the server please click here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/elysium-772317/