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Hello, two days ago SirTomNook killed the endermite at the public end farm in the end. Goku and I tried to fix it but to no avail. I was wondering when this could be fixed? Thanks -- tyler

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could you not fix it or

could you not fix it or something or did you want someone else to fix it??

EDIT: turns out someone said that my ender farm was public (not sure who or why) but im no longer having a public ender farm (for now at least). if you would like to use my ender farm you can message me in game and i'll most likly let you use it.


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Sorry to hear that tylerhorton

But, if it was indeed SirTomNook then it was probably causing issues. I'd suggest asking the staff why it was broken. Since SirTomNook is staff I'm sure there's a good reason it was broken. And otherwise I'm always here to help(if i can). =)