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We're a mature gaming community that strives to provide the best in quality game servers. Our Minecraft server is hosted on a 24/7 Dedicated Server at a professional datacenter. We have a large moderating staff and a friendly community comprised of gamers from around the world.
Our dedicated server features . . .

+ Latest Bukkit Build and Plugins
+ Intel Core i5-2300 Sandy Bridge Quad-Core Processor (4 x 2.8 GHz) [3.1 GHz Turboboost] LGA1155
+ 1024 KB of L2 Cache and 6 MB of L3 Cache
+ 16 GB of DDR3 RAM
+ 2 TB Hard Disk Drive Storage
+ 100 GB Backup Hard Disk Drive Storage
+ 100 Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth
+ Eco-Friendly Cooling Systems
+ Located in a 24/7 Dedicated Server Datacenter
+ Monitored 24/7 by Datacenter Technicians

Our goal is to create a fun Minecraft community. We implement numerous plugins for both fun and security; we implement a number of anti-griefing measures ranging from full protection of property upon request to personal chest/door protection. PVP is disabled except in PVP Worlds/Arenas. We also feature one of the best anti-grief systems around; all block changes are logged and griefers will always be caught with 100% accuracy. Any griefing done can be rolled back instantly as we backup the map every hour! We keep players in and griefers out!
We are a mature and tightly knit community that enjoys games like Minecraft, ArmA II, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, and Battlefield 3.
Come give us a try! No whitelist! Just make sure to read all the rules and have fun
SERVER IP: mc.exiledgaming.net
WEBSITE: http://www.exiledgaming.net/
FORUMS: http://www.exiledgaming.net/forum/
ONLINE MAP: http://mc.exiledgaming.net/map
SUPPORT: http://mc.exiledgaming.net/

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I can only recommend this

I can only recommend this server, it has nice ways to travel around and multiple worlds for every kinds of player. A survival world to build, a straight PvP-world, an event world for staff hosted events like spleef, mob arena and many many more.

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New Map!

Completely new worlds out now! The survival world is fresh and new, and the PvP world is completely redone! Event world is still around, and events are being hosted all the time, with pretty nice prizes.

I've been in the survival world for the past few days, working on my amazing island! It's a lot larger than the normal islands I've had, since I'm living with like 3-4 other people. It's going to take so long to get all of it finished though; I'm less than halfway done. Haven't even built the house design. D: Any thoughts on what I should make it be?

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Great server to play on!

Come play We have Survival/pvp world, an event world. We can get player heads by pvping. Come play!