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CrummyPvp is a very new factions server that is dedicated to the satisfaction of the player. Whether it be building, raiding, or simply pvping, we've tried our hardest to keep things balanced, fun, and new. We have noticed that there are many factions servers that aren't run correctly and have abusive and under-experienced staff. We want to break the cycle of the typical factions server. Recruiting for helpers/mods/admins. We have a BEAUTIFUL spawn and shop. Ranks are being setup but for now all the basics are set. Please join and help this community grow and also watch as it grows and flourishes into what could be an amazing factions server when it's done, So come stop by and say HELLO!

Everyone that joins this month get kit New Years. It has : Diamond Prot 4 unbreaking 3 set, Sharp 5 unbreaking 3 Fire asp 2, Efficiency 5, unbreaking 3 pickaxe, 8 crapples, 4 diamond, gold, iron (block's) 128 obsidian, 64 steak

Also everyone that joins gets a free zombie spawner !

- CrummyPvp