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Hey do you guys have a link to that free version of minecraft my dad thinks this game is stupid so he wont buy it for me =(

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here is the website (you will

here is the website (you will be loged in as me):

Uglyduckling is spy
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You guys do realize that by giving him the link to a free version of minecraft beta, you're doing something Illegal?! 1. it is Illegal to give a minecraft.jar folder over the internet. 2. you need to buy it from and log in, and purchase minecraft beta. 3. Dude, accept the fact that your dad's a d*** and won't buy the game for you! just play the free version! DURR! And also The_Master you gave a link to just the minecraft site. If one would go there, they wouldn't be logged in as you. You'd need to tell them your username and password, which WE ALL know you shouldn't do. Geez, some people will never learn.

Well, if it's gift codes it counts as legal. BUT NOT DOWNLOADING A FREE MINECRAFT.JAR FOLDER