[GAME] Steal the Diamond 2!
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So if your surprised by this. I dont blame you

So if you've never played here are the rules:


Old rules are giving you the foundation for a game so here are your old rules

You must trick the person who found the diamond into giving you the diamond

There is only 1 diamond No change of that rule EVER


Giving a new twist on a classic game is great so here are your new rules

If you want to steal the diamond the person above has to give you an idea and the way you get the diamond HAS to be related to it no matter what if it isnt related then you must pretend the way you tried to get it failed then you must wait 3 turns then try again on another person

You cannot write an idea for a person to use if someone has already said it

I will go first

I mined the diamond over a pool of lava after learning the story of what the creeper was doing before Kitteh4Cream killed it then I cried a river and used my trusty boat to sail and mine the diamond my diamond

Stealing it must be related to bananas





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Oh god H4X not this game

Oh god H4X not this game again. The old one was on the forums for like 2 years....

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The other one was better.

The other one was better.

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I would sail over to you on a

I would sail over to you on a banna boat and murder you just as the creeper and steal the diamond then escape to canada, my diamond.

Stealing it has to be related to my glasses. (and I can see without them fyi)