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Hey guys, I doubt whether any of you know me / remember me, but, I've recently gotten back into Minecraft. Here's a bit of boring background that I don't expect anyone to read, but I will write it just for the sake of making a slightly longer more interesting LOOKING thread. That does not in any way mean this will be interesting, I suggest you click the little "X" in the corner of your browser to avoid my impending rant.


My Minecraft name is Atron. I used to play Minecraft about half a year - a year ago, but then I got snowed under with work and special commitments. I am a former WoM moderator and thoroughly enjoyed my time playing on the WoM servers. I hosted a Minecraft server which got quite popular, and had to constantly dodge between WoM servers to my own which got a bit tiring, but I managed. My own server used to get quite a bit of grief, so I started up a second server, the grief server. I spent hours and hours making maps for this server (With help from others). The point of the server was a place where griefers could go to in order to grief all they like, to keep them away from griefing other servers. The maps reset back to normal every ten minutes in order to make sure there was always something to grief. When I started this server, I didn't expect much to change, but I immediately noticed less griefing on my main server. I then decided to put a link to my grief server on my main server, and that straight away got rid of about 99% of grief on my main server. Then, sadly, I got involved in a yearly theatrical production, and then another a few weeks after the first one closed, this meant that every second night and sometimes every night for a week I would go out for about three or four hours to the local theatre(s) to rehearse / do the shows. Because of this I can sometime completely fade out of my internet life for weeks at a time which makes it a bit hard to commit to things on the internet, but now, I have until May next year to make some more, and then probably break them during May (but I'll try not to.) So, that's a bit of backstory, here's my introduction.

So, as you know my username is Atron. You guys probably don't remember me anymore, but I might remember some of you guys (If you're still around.) I'm always interested in meeting new people and making spectacular creations with others. I might put my server(s) back up again, but I don't want to set up another mySQL database, and forward more ports and switch back to a static IP. But, no matter what faces you, there's always a glimmer of hope. I have a great imagination and love to chat to people. If you wanna make something together just PM me and we can arrange a time to make the worlds next best Minecraft creation (as soon as I practice crafting a bit more. half a year is a long time to forget something in.) Also, does anyone happen to know what the date was when WoM reached 50,000 website members? If so, I faded out of WoM about a week after. I prefer to craft without the hacks and special tools, but occasionally if I'm working on a big project I'll use hacks and tools. My favourite WoM servers would have to be the themed servers, I remember on the Elven one making a small town with someone. (We didn't really work together, I never found out who I was working with as I would go offline to sleep, and in the morning when I got back on there'd be another building, but I could tell it was always the same person because he portrayed a uniquite type of architecture.) I tend to avoid aesthetics, as it's a bit too hard to make decent structures and include aesthetics too. Every day I play Minecraft I always think of new blocks that should be added and throw a girlish hissy fit when I send mass emails to Notch to get him to add them and he doesn't. Ok well, maybe I don't do that last part, but I do get annoyed when there's a block I really need to use and it doesn't exist.

So anyway, that's just a teensy weensy bit about me, if you want to hear my life story, then don't ask me about it as I won't tell you because I can't remember when I was 2, and it would be like speaking in broken English, so you'd end up calling me "Korean" and I would be offended because of the reference to the simile I just made and end up throwing you through a wall. Have fun on the other side of the wall, you deserved it for name calling. Anyway, before I drag this paragraph on too long like I love to do, I'll just stop here because I think three long boring paragraphs is a bit too long and too boring. You've probably already stopped reading, but only now have I realized this and decided that I probably shouldn't have spent my time typing these long paragraphs if you're not going to read them, so I guess I will add something at the top of the thread, just so you know to read all of this. Ouch, I did it again, I wrote another long paragraph. You know what, forget the thread header, you can just stop reading yourself, you're mature, you know what to do, you don't need me to tell you what to do. Anyway, I really should stop typing before I become too off-topic. Not saying that I'm not off-topic right now, 'cause I am, but I better stop typing before this thread gets locked for most rantiest introduction thread leading into an off-topic thread. So, whatever, stop reading whenever you want, just make sure you read this line first so you know to stop reading whenever because otherwise you will die of soul-crushing boredom. Well, before I end this I guess I should go back on-topic. Time for another long paragraph! Yay!

So, more of an introduction. My real name is Daniel, my parents used to call me Dan Dan the fire man, just because it rhymed, and if you ever call me that I'll throw you through a wall... AGAIN. If you thought it hurt the first time, you wait 'till you feel the second time. Man, that's gonna -- Ok, Daniel, stay on topic here. I have eyes of a certain colour which I am not all too sure of as I don't really take the time to memorise that stuff, and I just realized I shouldn't be describing what I look like as this is an introduction thread, Not a, "Hey, I'm a hot mature guy looking for a chick who knows how to have a good time" thread. So just ignore this paragraph and only read the first three. I'm not going to put that at the top of the thread so you know to only read the first three, because now you're going to have to read them all, and if you complain, I'll throw you into a -- God, I gotta stop threatening people. I'm gonna make a bad iamge for myself. I also gotta stop turning this into a personal blog post / twitter post.


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Welcome back :D

Welcome back :D