Great Minecraft Bukkit Server; Economy/Factions/Survival
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Hello, this is alexshamwow, Minecraft player since 2011. I am here to tell you about an amazing server. It's called Dodge Them All, or DTA for short. It is a full-version server, running in Minecraft 1.5.2 using many great plugins with CraftBukkit. We have been running since 2010, when we started in classic running a Spleef server. Now, we have a tight knit community of experienced staff and players. We believe in small servers like ours, where we care about our guests, unlike large servers with no help to their players. Our staff, made up of about 15 well-deserving and experienced players, will help you get started. We have an incredible spawn, with a player-built village and parkour. We want you to come to our server because we think that you will have a fun experience and join a nice community. We have a tumblr, twitter, YouTube channel, and a Skype group. Just search us up, and you will find what we are about. We currently use the server host MCProHosting, and the external ip is or the internal ip is I hope you can join us in having the best experience in Minecraft you will ever know. Thanks, and catch you later!

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