Halo: Reach texture pack/mod
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Hi guys! I planned on doing a Halo: Reach texture pack and a multiplayer mod which you can battle bot Spartans whichever color you want. So basically, Many people in Halo forums asked for Minecraft Halo: Reach texture pack. So, I planned to do it. I'm also putting a support texture of SDK's Gun mods. 

SDK   /    Halo: Reach
Ak47- Assault Rifle
Desert Eagle- Magnum
Rocket Launcher - Plasma Launcher
and more.
Anyone supporting me for the texture pack. Please do the gui. Change the heart into Modern 2d health like this: ======
Change the player background into a small picture focusing Forge World and an elite going to attack him.
and mobs will be hard because im making a creeper look like a kamikaze grunts, making the zombie into an elite and making the skeleton into a jackal.
If you're supporting me for the mod. You can do it by your own. Make it hard if you wanna and i'll give credit to you. 
Cheers! Wait for the texture pack!

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Okay I wouldn't mind doing this but that's a crapload of stuff to put in! I might work on that if I get around to it but I'm not a super artist and it takes artistic ability to cram it all into an area like that :p

Starting up a server, care to staff?

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how long

how long do you think that it will take?

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When Will It Be Finished?

Hey Wild_Slash,

Could You Give Us A Approx Time When This Texture Pack Will Be Finished?
Thanks For Reading,